Maxbobs (katch_chan) wrote in paraparauk,

New Para Community you MUST join!

Heyup people I know this place is dead and noone in the UK is really into para anymore BUT.... I made a brand spanking new para community today.


It's a community for sharing, requesting and swapping para videos. And I by no way mean dvdrip videos, oh no no. Say you want to learn the routine to say, oh I don't know, Once Upon a Time. That person can request the video in para_exchange and someone else might have a refilm of it or even might film it themselves and upload it. Hallelujah you now know that routine, you're life can move on to more important things.

It's just a place where videos can flow and you are free to request whatever you like. Dvdrips are frowned on though *grrrr* but the odd one is ok.

I've already started posting some videos and the footage I took of the PPA's last performance at Velfarre.

So go join and request and download! Did I post the link?


Of course I didn't.

Join it even if you don't care, go onnnnnn.
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