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ParaParaUK is LiveJournal's first UK based community for ParaPara dancers (or Paralists). We are a place to chat about para, exchange videos, and help each other out! It is also an opportunity to socialise, and meet new friends who share a love of para. You are very welcome to browse the community, so please go ahead.

This community is in association with Roppongi Street, the UKs first parapara clubnight. Please visit our official site for more information.


ParaPara is a style of dance that originated in Japan. Each song has a separate routine to it, these routines are usually learnt from videos that you can buy on dvd and also in clubs in Japan from watching other people who know the routines already. ParaPara is a really fun dance, which is easy to pick-up but really difficult to master. Although trust me when I say it's oh so much fun, especially when you're dancing together with friends.

ParaPara is mainly danced to Eurobeat music.

There is also techpara, a parapara style done to hyper techno music. Techpara tends to be faster, aggresive and more complicated than euro para.

This community is owned by miss_lon and moderated by katch_chan
Graphics by takehiro

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